UCA Installation – 05+ Tacoma, 03+ 4runner, 07 FJ Cruiser

Upper Control Arm Installation


Some assembly of the UCAs is required. Apply generous amounts of Teflon based grease to the outside of sleeves and insides of urethane bushings. Apply layer of grease to inside of the UCA barrel and outside surface of the bushing. Press the bushings into the barrels this might take some force. Screw the grease fittings into the bottom of the UCAs ending with the fitting facing outwards for easy access.


First your going to want to jack the vehicle up and firmly place on jack stands, then go ahead and remove the tires.


Remove the bolt attaching the factory UCA to the spindle. The factory upper control arm bolt requires you to bend the inner fender well on the front and back sides. This is to allow space for the bolt to come out. After installation is complete you can bend the fender well back.


When you install the new UCAs you are going to put the washers on both sides of all the bushings, making sure to grease the surface between the washers and bushings. We recommend using red locktite on the factory upper control arm bolt, to prevent from backing out.


When installing the UCA to the spindle the order of components from top to bottom are as follows, 9/16 bolt, 9/16 misalignment, uniball (UCA), 3/4 misalignment, adapter, spindle, and 9/16 top lock nut. Torque spindle bolt to 115. Torque upper arm bolt to factory specs. Check everything and re-torque after 500 miles.

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